About Me

With my well-rounded liberal arts education as well as job experiences in a handful of arenas, I can write cover letters and essays that are genuine and familiar to your career or grant/fellowship/scholarship's goal.  

My background includes a B.A. in Political Science from the College of St. Benedict, experience working in the public and nonprofit sectors, artistic endeavors, and working in the kitchen of small businesses.  These experiences give me a well-rounded knowledge base that will help me write to your objective.  

*I am also a Fulbright Scholar, a Center for Undergraduate Research Fellow, a Hitachi Foundation Yoshiyama Awardee, and have been approved to be a government contractor from the state of Minnesota.

I have a track record of helping clients land an interview or a job as well as achieving them the Fulbright.  Please refer to my Freelance Ghostwriter Facebook Page for reviews from past clients.